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April 09, 2004


Dino Zaragoza

I'm not sure that most people who use the term postmodern (at least in Baptist circles) even know who Derrida or Foucault are.



I'm sure you're right. Nor would they know about Rorty or Quine or a myriad of other names. Unfortunately, they have heard of Chuck Colson and Hank Hanegraaf. I'd settle for them reading a little Brian McLaren or Tony Jones.

Robert Davis

Does listening to Mr. Hanegraaf for laughs exclude me?



I listen to him for laughs too. And sometimes just to get pissed off. I should stop doing that. My wife already wants me to take Vitamin E so I won't be a "cranky old man." Too late.

Robert Davis

Hey, I have that disease too! And, I'm only 23...

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