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» Great post ... edited for sensitivity sake ... from Just Todd
Greg posted the following on his website. Some of my readers may be uncomfortable with a couple of expletives used. I edited them admitting the depth of frustration expressed in their use is understandable. Why Not Just Give Up? I had lunch with a past... [Read More]

» The megachurch movement is destroying the church. from Provoked
Another one of the blogs in my blogosphere is The Parish. Check out what he wrote a few days ago. Here's just a clipping of it but the post is entitled Why Not Just Give Up? [Read More]

» Is it Church, or is it Wal-Mart? from A Jewish God-fearer in a room full of Christians
Greg, over at the parish, recently posted about his conversation with a pastor, which he called "Why Not Just Give Up?". The interesting part of this is that the pastor is struggling with feeling as though he must comete with Wal-Mart. His frustrat... [Read More]


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