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June 06, 2005


Dr. Mike Kear

"...stop counting on politics to make the world a better place, and begin to act prophetically (in word and deed) in the world. To the degree we align ourselves with a political party we neuter our effectiveness to enemies of that party."

Beautifully said.

I am guilty of this political idolatry on a regular basis and need constant conviction, repentance, and reformation.




Never forget that the Fall can NEVER be rolled back by any political action.


I don't think they are idiots. Most of them went to Yale, you know. They just think we are all idiots.


Absolutely agreeing with you. I think it is triply aggravating with this administration, though, for several reasons: 1) So many lives being lost under horribly false pretenses. 2) The hypocrisy of the christian right to criticize and castigate every detail of Clinton's existence but to utterly look the utter way on issues like Abu Ghraib/prisoner torture, the underfunding of No Child Left Behind, financial scandals and conflicts of interests overtly engaged in by administration people, and even the daily lies told by the administration and its spokespeople. 3) The obvious manipulation by this administration of its constituency by keeping them focused on social issues (abortion, Terry Schiavo, gay marriage, etc.) while they engage in what to me is the perfection of a Machiavellian and Huxlian seizure of power and in dirty tricks that would make Nixon blush. 4) All from a President who sprinkles his speeches with christian-speak.

Friar Tim

Never trust a person who smiles all the time. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both did this. Bullshit is bullshit not matter how it's packaged.

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