Dear Conservatives, Your Administration Heceforth Has Less Than Zero Credibility
Those Magnificent Men And Their Churching Machines

Clarifying Who The Idiots Are

Dallas Tim took issue with my statement that people who believed the current administration are idiots. I emailed him to clarify what I meant. Here's the substance of what I said:

"The administration, as with most administrations, has shown itself too willing to lie again and again. I am weary of evangelicals and fundies who align themselves uncritically with the party and defend whatever comes out of the mouths of Bush and his henchpeople. (I'm adding this part: I am equally weary of liberal Christians on the left doing the same with their pet politicians.) I expect Christians to speak out when leaders lie and dissemble and obfuscate. I expect them to do it when there is a Republican or a Democrat in the White House. I expect them to be people of honesty and integrity so that the world will once again know what a prophetic voice sounds like. I did not imply that a Christian cannot be a conservative; I believe they can and still be faithful to Christian principles. I did mean to imply that it is time that the Church started being the Church and stopped being a tool of the administration. That applies equally to left and right."

I want to believe that Christians and people of good will can hold any administration to the fire when they suspect the administration of lying. I would like Christians to be Christians first. A friend is planning a summer sermon for 4th of July weekend. He told me a little about it this week. The theme is basically "What are you first?" The inspiration comes, at least in part, from a church member that insists on placing the American flag above the Christian flag on the dais. Now, I don't care about a Christian flag; I think it's a bit silly, but since it's there, the way member x treats it over against the American flag speaks a great deal about what he sees as his top priority. I guess I'm just idealistic enough that I hope Christians will see themselves as Christians first, stop counting on politics to make the world a better place, and begin to act prophetically (in word and deed) in the world. To the degree we align ourselves with a political party we neuter our effectiveness to enemies of that party. Political parties do not propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ; their gospel is of secular power, vested interests, economic gain, and messianic individualism.