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» Worship: Me or God from Paradigms Lost
Why do we gather as a church? As the "ecclesia", as the called out ones? What is the purpose of getting together with other followers of Christ weekly in a big room with instruments, bibles, a teacher, an altar (is... [Read More]

» Practicing generosity as a spiritually forming way of worship ... from Just Todd
For years we have listened to the church growth gurus who have told us to locate a box at the back of the room for offerings. Or better yet, give into the sensitivity of the moment and don't take an offering. The end result was a lack of forming the co... [Read More]

» the life and death of the church from a badchristian blog...
Greg at The Parish posted yesterday about the worship practices of the modern church. His thesis, as I understood it, was basically that the church has become individualistic to the point that its worship practices no longer challenge our individual s... [Read More]


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