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Brannon Howse: Asshat of the Week

Brannon Howse from Worldview Weekend sent out an email to plug his appearance on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show. As if that's not bad enough, he included a rant against "America's Poverty Pimps." Who are these poverty pimps? No, it's not corporate America or mulitnationals, nor is it the politicians on the Right and Left who cooperate with them, and neither is it an indifferent, affluent "other" America. Here's what Brannon has to say:

Hurricane Katrina has brought to the nation’s attention the plight of the poor in America. While Jesse Jackson and other liberals attempt to blame poverty on racism and the President and other republicans look to throw money at the problem, few are discussing who and what are really to blame for the root cause of poverty in America.

The issue is not racism but anti-Christian bigotry on the part of the ACLU, the NEA, the DNC and Barry Lynn and his group, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. The sad stories of the poor should be laid at the feet of the liberal, anti-God “intellectual elite” known as the secular left.

Decades-long brainwashing by liberal-leaning social engineers has so altered the worldview of the underclass that they have little choice but to live in the mire of their culturally bankrupt caste.

Anti-Christian bigotry causes poverty! Separation of Church and State causes poverty! Liberal-leaning social engineers cause poverty! Brilliant! The man should have the Adam Smith Chair of Economics at some prestigious university...say...Liberty University or Bob Jones. Thank you Brannon Howse for being the first ever Parish Asshat of the Week.