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September 08, 2005



OOHHH! Let's do be a group.

What shall we call ourselves?


How about The Whupass Girls?


When do we get our nikes, sweats, and then drink the poison kool-aid. I prefer orange kool aid just let everyone know, so please have a seperate glass for me.


When do we get our nikes, sweats, and then drink the kool-aid? I prefer orange kool aid just let everyone know, so please have a seperate glass for me.


Sorry, I was trying to correct my statement in the middle of posting my bad. Just feel free to delete one of them Greg, including this waste of space.


Greg, I believe you will have 2 beers today.


Were his questions just random or did they stem from a previous post or what? Where the heck is this guy coming from?


I recently downloaded a song entitled: Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males

Perhaps, I'll que it up and read your post again. It just seems to fit...kind of like that Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz business

Kyle P.

Wow, that guy's certainly from way out beyond right field, a place which I used to know all too well before I learned that it's actually in foul territory but no one there knows it yet. Unfortunately, it's also an all-too-populated place.

What I really wanted to comment on, though, is your inclusion of DFW's A Supposedly Fun Thing... in the Read Recently column. I've been a fan of him for years (especially his essays, though his fiction is good as well) and I even bring in excerpts for my students to read.



I almost bought Oblivion yesterday. Have you read it?


Please, no Nikes. If were going to live into our liberal, owl loving, whale saving stereotype, then I think it importnant that we wear sneakers that provide living wages for their workers. New Balance, perhaps. The wide sizes are usually readily available as well as the narrow widths for the ladies.

And since everyone's buying houses on farm land why not pool our resources and just build the compound. Leighton can start the non-orthodox extension in CA and Brandon could establish the more right-winged wacked out gun-owners version in Michigan (the starters manual is actually published in Michigan).

And if I'm drinking poison, sorry Joe, but its going to have be in a Chimay Grande Reserve, ice cold.


Chimay Grande Reserve...ice cold? Come now.

The proper temperature to be drinking a properly cellared Grande Reserve is, I believe, between 50 and 54 degrees F. (Although, it can be enjoyed as cool as 46 degrees.)

That one's free.

Mostly because I'm an asshole.

And a beer snob.

But, mostly and asshole.


But, the compound...now that's an idea.

Trav the Okie Vegan

"There are truths that you may not like but that is what God said to be the truth."

Hmmm . . . that sounds like something a nihilist would say: the truth is NOT absolute but is whatever God says it might be. Obviously, NNN (nattering nabob of nonsense?) has never read "The Euthyphro" because he (I assume NNN is male as I don't think a female would have come up w/ the rape comment) apparently believes that, had sweet Jesus said rape is okay, then . . . well, let the randon acts of raping begin--very frightening. I think NNN may really be a nihilist (naughty nattering nihilist?).

Seriously, NNN, check out Socrates and Plato some time if you get a chance.


Sexual repression is a characteristic of fundangelicals. I hope that goes some way towards explaining the rape nonsense. I also suspect that the person in question is a minor and does strange things with the Sears catalogue when his parents are away.

I don't mean to be libellous, but minus the raping the list of questions reminds me of the way I thought when I was age 14-17 and just accepted what people told me. Arguing against a caricature is a great form of strawman ... one that the original questioner probably doesn't realize is invalid.


A group called Lepers and Whores would be fantastic! :-D

Dr. Mike Kear

Do we get to pick whether we are a Leper or a Whore?

...I want to be a whore.




Well, sounds fun, but I strongly suspect my Vocational Director would prefer Leper-in-Training over Whore...




"Sexual repression is a characteristic of fundangelicals"(?!). Though I'm not really either (funda
or angelical - hopefully funda be with) be careful with such a final stereotype based on the dribble of NNN. Just did a teaching of Song of Solomon. You won't find a greater expression of pure intimacy, romance, and eroticism anywhere. You, are right, many "fundagelicals", because of "sexual repression" would even interpret S of S as only theological, the love between Christ and His church. Nonsense.

Scott in Houston

I agree Andy, good call.


Nice work Greg, one of your betters. Be a little careful assigning blaim though... I dislike GW as much as anyone, but I find it a bit over-the-top to assign blame in New Orleans to anyone other than Frank Peretti. Somehow I think he's behind it.

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