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December 14, 2005



Jesus, dude! That's shit's expensive!!!!!!! Lucky guy.

Hey, have you ever been to Brick Store Pub in Atlanta? Best bar I've EVER been to....ever.


I haven't been to Atlanta since I was about seven. OKC has recently entered the realm of cool though with our all new Bin-73 Wine Bar. It's kind of a seventies lounge sort of feel with good and interesting appetizers, a full bar, and a great selection of wines, including Cakebread Cabernet BY THE GLASS! If I'm ever visiting the Reverend Dani in Atlanta, I'll make her take me to the Brick Store Pub.

And the Far Niente is worth every dollar. At least the '97 is. Of course, at eight years old, it's smoother than...well...pick your own comparison.

the Reverend Dani

Phil's right. Brickstore is the best pub ever. Seriously. Great local brews. Quality food. You should make the trip.

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