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December 21, 2005



Well argued Greg. I am amazed at the anti-Catholic sentiment that is still around in Protestant circles. Why do Christians insist on judging each other so harshly?

While we are on the topic, what do you think about the Pope's decree?

Kevin Powell

Great post, Greg! To paint all priests with a pedophile brush does a grave disservice to all those everyday, hard working priests, who make up the majority of the clergy.



Emerging from lurkdom to say that I enjoyed your review of this article. It's hard to find articles reporting on religion as I experience it, flawed, yes, but without the paranoia of either extreme. Is our only choice the pious morality rejected by Jesus, or rejection of the promise of faith entirely? I hope not.


Sitting her enjoying my Corsendonk Christmas ale AND your post. I had a subscription to Mother Jones in High School. Sometimes I think Mother Jones and a lot of my liberal heroes of the time are stuck in late 80s adolescence. In that "like oh my God that is totally unfair" stage.
Your points are of course excellent. Number 3 is spot on for the Roman Rite priests--when I was a little girl sometimes two might live together in a rectory, and they would always be rumored to hate each other, or, I guess more politely, be described as staying out of each other's way. Also, Fr. Jim of the Dappled Things blog pointed out a month or so ago that we should be more worried about straight priests with unresolved impulses because he, like most priests, spends his day surrounded by women.
I can't wait to read this article; it sounds like the author has his own unresolved issues with gay rapturous camp.

Scott Jones

Before getting to your criticism, I was offended reading the excerpt.

There is gay camp in the excerpt that is a part of gay church humour. I've heard gay priests make some of these jokes. But like many things, these are in-jokes we can tell on ourselves, but are offensive coming from other people. That we might call our robes "Jesus drag" now and then doesn't mean that that's our actual, serious view of the matter.

Thanks for your very good criticism.

Actually, if the article wanted to be more intelligent, I'd direct it to the letters that St. Anselm wrote to fellow priests, letters tinged with affection. Anselm was probably celibate, but his lasting affectional relationships were with other men. The article could have made its point in an accurate, poignant way.

Bob Smietana


I'm a reluctant Mother Jones fan as well. I don't think the mag even tries to "get religion." I started reading the latest issue, and concluded that any Christian who prays "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" is a theocrat in Mother Jones' editorial estimation

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