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June 19, 2009



I've been avoiding Twitter the way I avoid having a cell phone, but with its involvement in Iran, my boss wants a briefing on Monday. Time to join the 21st century, I guess...


I avoided it for a while too, but started using it about four months ago, maybe more. I've found it pretty effective for generating contacts/sources for stories. I need to be a little more ruthless about not following people who tweet "blueberry pancake day" or other such shit, and the ones who tweet every couple minutes because they're bored in class or at work.

Plano Michael

Twitter has been a work tool (in the past 6 months) for me too. Like the article mentions, I don't know any teens who use it, but all the twenty and thirty somethings around the office use it for both personal and business reasons.

I see it's long tern use being more like wikipedia than like facebook. There is a "10% of users producing 90% of the content" stat that has been floating around. Those numbers are more like wikipedia users than facebook users. That is how I use it too...a more immediate, real time, braking news, kind of wikipedia.

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