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October 08, 2009



Golly, if you're going to guess what people value by looking at what they forward in emails, postmodernists must surely worship talking cats who are preoccupied with the acquisition of cheezburgers. The Isis cult lives!


I can haz worships?

Kevin Powell

I, too, reviewed the Diversity Culture. My biggest beef with the book was that the idea that "diversity" is, somehow, controversial. The problem to be confronted isn't the so-called "diversity culture" but the Christian culture of compliance that exists in many churches.

His audience isn't just for evangelicals, but for white, suburban or rural evangelicals who feel a loss of privilege and blame people who are different for what they feel has been taken from them.

I found that the book did the opposite of what it tried to do. It tried open doors between "cultures" but what it really did was reinforce condescending attitudes some evangelicals have towards those who aren't steeped in Red State thinking.



"There is no such thing as a postmodernist. No such thing. No agreed upon set of criteria exists. No practices. No assumptions that can be generalized. Stop targeting us and just try to be a friend."

Not to mock, but this contains some deep irony. Italics, mine.

A Christian, faithful to Scripture, is going to be unapologetically proselytizing. I do not believe that Matthew is attempting to hide this fact. Being deliberate about how to love and show real compassion is not disingenuous, as you cynically suggest, but is as genuine as any person who claims to show kindness "randomly". Perhaps, even more so.


I meant to italicize "us" alone. Oh, well. You get the idea… maybe.


Hm, does Typepad let subsequent comments fix italics tags yet?


Apparently not. Greg, if you can get into the page code, you can change the second < i > to < /i > and it should repair the page.


Leighton, got it. Christopher, how little you understand irony, or hubris. How is it you get to make this statement: "A Christian, faithful to Scripture, is going to be unapologetically proselytizing." Nice that someone out there knows what Christians are supposed to do and believe. Which part of Scripture are they being faithful to? Where does it say to proselytize? How exactly is that supposed to be done? Why do you get to interpret Scripture or say what Christians "faithful to Scripture" actually means? All christians must always be proselytizing douchebags? They can never just be friends? I can never say no to a faithful Christian and have them leave me the fuck alone about their invisible savior?

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