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November 08, 2009



It might be time for a book that brings in theistic and non-theistic voices, as I'm pretty sure justice need not be clothed in the language of soteriology.

I would be interested in seeing something like this. It seems like in the U.S. and Britain, all the "discussion" of public non-theism centers around whether the publicly nonreligious voices are overly broad when they complain about religious forces that trample justice as a matter of institutional principle.

It would be nice to see, for instance, essyas from India and Pakistan, where foreigners and respectful infidels do a lot of the legwork in immunizing Hindu and Muslim children against polio. Maybe if such obviously agreeable ethical goals were in clear focus, it could avoid most of the usual criticisms of nontheistic perspectives on ethics that take the form of "I couldn't show this to my 90-year-old Aunt Henrietta, therefore you shouldn't say it in public."

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