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January 29, 2010



Hey hey hey - I'll have you know that Chief Douchewater kicked a lot of paleface ass, an accomplishment we re-enact every third weekend in May, during Douchewater days.

Oh, and I'm enjoying the series, although it appears to have offended Mr. Salinger to a terminal degree.


A vaguely related sidenote reguarding your wish to account for these events from your memory:

I've been reading the entertaining book Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman (2009). I can't say I can explain what it's about, per se. Observations, mostly, about popular culture. Klosterman's a journalist, by trade, and the first chapter is on interviewing people. He spends a page explaining how Prince never gave interviews in the 80s and 90s. However, when he did...

"...he always made a curious demand. The reporter could not use a tape recorder or take written notes. The reported just had to memorize whatever Prince happened to be saying that day. At the time, it was assumed that Prince did this becaues he was beavershit crazy and always wanted to be in a position to retract whatever was written about him. However, his real motive was more reasonable and (kind of) brilliant: He wanted to force the reporter to reflect only on the sense of the conversation, as opposed to the specific phrases he elected to use. He was not concerned about being misquoted; he was concerned about being quoted accurately. Prince believed that he could represent himself better as an abstraction--his words could not be taken out of context if there was no context. He could only be presented as the sum total of whatever was said, devoid of specifics."

Now, that's either a non-sequitor for this comment section or quite relevant. In as much as you wish to recall a "sense" of the events sans the details. Besides, this most accurately describes our memory of the past, anyway.

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