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July 14, 2010



You know my vote. Add the paragraph.

dr dobson

". . . Reclaiming Oklahoma’s website makes very clear: “Government was designed by God to be subject to and built on the Rock of Jesus Christ.”"

It is ironic to me that in the efforts to "reclaim Oklahoma for Christ", the very methods Christ eschewed are being employed by those trying to the "re-claiming".

Wall-building and hammering people with nothing more than invitations to join the cloister results only in re-claiming Oklahoma fundamentalists for Christ.

Indeed, Oklahoma does need to catch up with the rest of the country/world on employing a healthy worldview. I think there still alot of folks there who do have an open mind, but they are being drowned out by these self-proclaimed Christian town cryers.

Quick side story: I tried to have a basket of wine and beer delivered to a friend of ours (who lives in OKC) over the phone last week. The manager at the Cellar told me that he could go to jail for doing so. In brief, I was planning to buy a few bottles, have the shop package them nicely and then hand-deliver them to my friend's house. No can-do. That's evidently a major felony in Oklahoma.

Until the puritans can get real with their fears about their perceived holy State being corrupted by the likes of evil alcohol and other make-believe trolls, the fine folks of Oklahoma will always remain in the dark ages (which if you know anything about the Dark Ages and the Church's role therein, you'll catch the irony in that statement).

There's a pretty cool life to live out there and it's too bad that most in Oklahoma miss out on it because of selfish ignorance.


I think the editorial question there is a tough one. Since the piece is clearly at least partially commentary--it reports a trend, analyzing facts and not just presenting--I would be inclined to allow the paragraph as I agree that it improves the piece. At the same time, I agree with your editor that the graf at least toes the line between the clear analysis of the rest of the article and straightforward editorializing. While I think that's entirely appropriate relative to the journalistic work the piece does on its own, it might not be appropriate within the publication's accepted standards of presentation. If their method of maintaining journalistic objectivity is wholly separating "opinion" sections from "news" sections, then I would say the decision is appropriate. That is not the only effective method for accomplishing that most hallowed of journalistic ideals, and I think it cuts off the ability of reporters to do a kind of measured analysis that typically doesn't get done on editorial pages whose columns are typically more rhetorical than analytical. However, if that's the way they have decided to do things, then that's what they have to do.

Compounding the problem for you, of course, Greg, is that you are yourself an expert on the subject matter. Were another reporter writing the story, the graf could absolutely be included as an expert quote. That's an almost absurd outcome of the contrivances reporters are required to make in the (alas futile) interest of presenting unfiltered fact. This makes me want to read a book on the sociology of professions like journalism and law which require their professionals to literally remove their own identities in the execution of their craft.

On second thought, maybe I'll just re-watch season five of The Wire.


Would he have let it pass if you had started the paragraph with "Some have said...."?

Tongue in cheek there--that chickenshit construction is one of my pet peeves.


"Some have said x"

Translation: "Me and the guy in the cubicle next to me were just talking about x."

Matt Mikalatos

Ha ha. Well. I would have said the last paragraph back to you and you could have quoted me.

Greg Horton

Matt, a couple friends offered that service. I said I shouldn't lose credit for solid analysis or reporting. I decided to just not whine about it and put the graf here.

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