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July 03, 2011



Fellow skeptic professors regularly call for people of faith to leave politics altogether. They believe religious convictions should be left outside the polls, as if our moral convictions should not inform our political decision making.

I don't quite understand this perspective. It's not as though getting metaphysics "right" (whatever that entails) will necessarily involve getting anything else right.

I do think anyone running for office ought to be able to express her principles in nonsectarian terms. If she can, that means she can communicate with any of her constituents (at least, the ones who can be communicated with), which I think should be a prerequisite for public office. Whether those principles have sectarian counterparts really doesn't matter to me.

Michael Laprarie

Silly Greg. The Republican Christians in Texas are the only true Christians. The rest are just heretics (well maybe with the exception of the Pentecostals and Amish) so they don't count. I'm shocked, shocked that you don't know this. :-)

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