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August 30, 2011




"the relationship between abortion and America's fiscal crisis (wtf?!)"

I'll bet you anything that it goes something like this: If we had not aborted all of those babies they would be productive members of society who would be paying in to social security, etc.

We could probably afford another war in there for good measure too! God bless America!

Long time lurker and friend of April and Josh,


I had the same thought Seth did, but I also wonder if abortion caused the fiscal crisis in the same way gays caused 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. After all, to badly paraphrase Philip Yancey, since people ignored the burning bush, God is forced to manifest in far less direct ways.

Paul D.

While Seth's theory is amusing, I think the logic of most fundies goes as follows:

1. God is just like portrayed in the Old Testament, and misfortune is a curse from him for specific sins.

2. Since God has the same views as I do, my pet political issue is undoubtedly the very thing that pisses God off the most.

3. God therefore curses American with bad weather (but not too bad) and mild economic inconvenience (but which still let us live a better quality of life than 90% of the rest of the world).


A different take. I've driven by the building site of FBCs new edifice. My guess is that this is classic AM radio, right-wing bush-beating to get asses in seats so they can button-hook everyone with the message to GIVE. That building loan debt has to be serviced somehow.

Greg Horton

I think it's a 123 million dollar tab

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"Big business ain't easy, I'm sure you'd agree, especially when the product is eternity."
— Project 86

I think that describes this "concerned, courageous voice crying out in the wilderness of deception" pretty well.


Greg, you get an unfair advantage living in Oklahoma and being a religion journalist. You get too much material. The most I get in Greenbelt are some prosperity churches. This is hilarious.

And Seth, nice to see you, esp since you are the one who initially introduced me to Greg's blog ("Evidently there are some interesting emerging church people in Oklahoma City!")
OH, those exciting days of the EC of the early 2000s :)

christian comedy

Comedy on sensitive topics isn't recommended for beginners. It might not work for them and they might actually end up offending a lot of people. However, if you have some experience you can try to ease people and let them forget the tragedy through humor.

dr dobson

Mr. Comedy (I would love for people to refer to me that way; you must LOVE that moniker):

Your post conjured up images of Robert DeNiro's epic performance in the thriller "Cape Fear". You know, uncontrollable, yet inexplicable laughter, so much so that I even peed a little.

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