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November 08, 2011


Jessica Campbell

Driscoll scares me. Tell me - do many people listen to him?

Antoinette Dieu

I reposted on Twitter and Facebook. Too fun not to!

Greg Horton

Thanks, Ms. Dieu. JJ, I'm afraid it's in the thousands upon thousands. I don't have any real data, but based on book sales, his megachurch, and his pastors network, probably deep into the six figures.

Jessica Campbell

things like that make me think democracy is a bad idea.

dr dobson

Yeah, Driscoll is the one, lone example of the "possibility" that natural selection really doesn't exist. If it does, I would have thought his ilk would have been filtered out many generations ago . . .


Wait...take a tissue along to wipe my tears or to clea

masturbation toys

Now I have an idea to do it with myself. I'll try them later today. :D


Time to place your bets on who is the next celebrity preacher busted with Edstasy and a transvestite hooker...


It would be Ecstasy if I could type...

dr dobson

How silly of you, Z. "Edstasy" is what is used when describing that unforeseen, euphoric sense of self that all watchers and listeners of Ed Young have after he mounts the pulpit each week.

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