Because I Want to Talk About Race, not Trayvon, or My Answer for Trever
Doris Burke Does What Many of Us Want to Do, or God Has No Jumper

Wherein I Get Interviewed and Only Use a Small Amount of Profanity, or Dirty Secrets of Pastoring

Tripp Fuller asked me to produce a list of the 10 things you don't learn in seminary. To be fair, there should be a list of 100 things (or more) that you don't learn in seminary, but I like this list. I have several friends who are still professional ministers or who teach at Christian colleges and universities. I still worry about their longterm happiness and mental well-being because of some of these issues. They'd say I'm being dramatic, but I don't think I am. We're planning to do Top 10 Things Your Youth Pastor or Sunday School Teacher Didn't Tell You That You Learn in My World Religions Class for next time. Anyway, here's the podcast.