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May 29, 2014


Bethany Patterson

"If evangelicals understood how much they are shaped by revivalism, they would change their tactics, at least I hope they would."

I'm curious about what you mean by that sentence. Are you referencing past revivals in Christianity, i.e. Luther and Calvin to Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield?

Greg Horton

Bethany, Revivalism usually begins with Billy Sunday and moves forward from there. It's not as if the Second Great Awakening didn't have components of Revivalism, but much of that movement was grounded in Reformed theology. Modern Revivalism is cooperative in theological structure, not Reformed. The event was about getting conversions, so the Gospel message is truncated and becomes one of immediate salvation now as opposed to a more comprehensive approach. Something like that. I'll flesh that out later.


All else being equal, I would expect that a community with such dubious views of textual inspiration would have a hard time being offended by the theft of another person's words. Even people who more or less know what's involved in creative or expository writing seem to have a hard time making this issue a priority. The plagiarism taboo in academia gives way to "Use the best possible documentation in the least amount of time" in the business world, and "intellectual property" sounds like it's about people pirating movies and software. This is really closer to the man with a hundred sheep taking his neighbor's lamb instead of one of his own. But is it even possible to see this when you think written works poof into existence through revelation, instead of being crafted, trimmed, and polished?


Shoot, meant for that to go on the latest plagiarism thread.


I'll re-post it there and you can delete these if you want.

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