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May 27, 2014



(If you believe God wrote the text, I have no idea what to say to you.)

How about a few questions?

Why is God's grasp of grammar generally, and pronoun referents specifically, shaky in Mark but impeccable in Luke/Acts?

Why are there stylistic differences between individual books in the same genre? (I mean, it's not like any number of copying errors could make a few chapters of Jane Austen read like Ernest Hemingway.)

Why does the question of textual origins get more airtime than questions of how to interpret the text? Put another way, why can two people fast and pray and reflect and, in good conscience and confidence in their faith, arrive at incompatible interpretations? How does that not make God a terrible communicator?

Not that I would expect responses - as with any authoritarian system, affirming the authority of a text/leader/principle is more important than understanding what they say. It's pretty hard to have a conversation with someone who doesn't see how Mark 2.27 works as a metaphor for religious authority.

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