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April 11, 2004



Oh, I see, now it is ok to like Disney. I wish people would send me the memo on these things. I am really confused on who I should hate as a Christian.

Eddie :)


You know what this means, sequal baby!!! Nemo comes back to save all the other fish. The Passion Of The Fish, The Last Temptation of Nemo, Nemo Fish Superstar. This could go on and on.

Dino Zaragoza

Would you say that for all movies or only Disney? Is Disney the only one who is seeking to make a profit? I agree that the metaphor this person sought to apply was quite weak? Perhaps the parable of the Lost Sheep would have been a better or more accurate comparison.

However, if you are saying that we shouldn't watch movies just to try and find some kind of spiritual metaphor I agree. But, at the same time wouldn't you agree that those metaphors show up in movies intentionlly and unintentionally at times?

Sorry if I took you too literal. Love the sarcastic humor. Hey my family and I are going to be in OKC over the weekend...maybe you, Micah and I can hook up Saturday sometime.



I was mainly talking about Disney. I'm sure most film companies are in the business to make money, but Disney certainly seems to be one of the more crass. It's not like their putting out any art house or indie flicks. Not that there is anything wrong with entertainment, and that was sort of my point. Finding Nemo is a nice story and a pretty good movie, but I don't think we ought to be mining it for spiritual metaphors. Those metaphors do tend to show up accidentally and on purpose, mainly because the best stories concern things of universal significance, so it's difficult to tell those stories without reference to some sort of theological position. Mainly, K-Love just makes me crazy.

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