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August 12, 2004



i have come accross this the past coule years with myself as well. whilst in romania in march, the person who runs the "programmes" there inquired of my intent to return in this way; "Is your purpose and calling, as it was previously, still to spread the word of the gospel and bring people into the church?" I can't remember if those were the exact words, but that's how I heard them. This implies that having a calling means that i preach, or talk alot about jesus, and multiply attendance figures for World Mission's books. Since then I've been re-understanding what my "calling" is in relation to how my life is affected daily. very difficult.


Ah yes, I bathed, breathed, ate, slept and crapped that for years Greg. Calling, like it is a moment God performs a spiritual labotomy (sp) rather than a direction in my life. I agree with Brueggemann. In addition, I believe that God works through our personality. Thats not to give excuses for people who choose to be ass holes; thats not a personality trait it's baggage. A person's calling is very much linked to the person God created you to be. I heard it said this way once; "What you are passionate about is what God is CALLING you to change."

Taking the "calling" of a person as what it is...a direction and passion in life, that statement is true when seen through the "filter of God-ness". Good one G.

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