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August 20, 2004



Hey- your blog has been really good lately and I've enjoyed reading it. Just wanted you to know. (It's always "good", but lately it's been even better...ahhh, you know what I mean.)


AND...great working in of the Jabberwocky! That may be a blogging first.


I'd like to second Kristen's opinion. You're putting out some awesome stuff and having some great thoughts and provoking same in other folks.
I missed this post when you put it up because I'm not usually very close to the internet on the weekends (there's not much wireless access when you're out giring and gimbling in the wabe, I guess). I'm glad I scrolled down to see if I missed anything.



Greg, your blogs of late have gleamed with idealism of late. Good stuff.

Also, did all of you hear that THIRD DAY and JACKIE VALESQUEZ will be performing at the Republican National Convention? I'm not sure at what point or when but I know that they're scheduled to perform.

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