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August 14, 2004



Really, really, really well said. Made my day.


Great post!

Tim Youmans

The analogous equivalent of Where's Waldo? That is pricesless. But that bit about delusional Scotsman, I must take umbrage with that. Drunk maybe, but not necessarily delusional.

It's a shame what the Left Behind series has done to rejuvenate this dicussion. The generation before me was deeply into this stuff and then it seemed to wane a bit. Hardly anhyone talked about this while I was in semnary in the early 90's. Before that I think it was pretty standard to walk around stating your position. Sounds like its making its comeback. Pity.


The manic fascination with the end-times pushed me away from Christianity- and I was brought up in a God fearing home. It raised a serious question in my mind: if I cannot trust Christianity to explain or understand with is going on in the world around me, how can I trust it to explain or understand what happened 2000 years ago? How can I trust it to understand the Bible- written in different languages, in different cultures, and in different eras?

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