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August 15, 2004



If Moltmann is right, and I think he is . . .

I think you're right!


... the one that makes me really uncomfortable.

You mean like, for example, the Gerasene Demoniac in Mark 5? The guy who ran around stark naked in a cemetery cutting himself up, breaking apart handcuffs, and howling at the moon?

I just noticed while looking at Mark 5:19 that Jesus tells the cured demoniac to "go home to your friends." That he might still have had friends is a moving thought, given your points about the paucity of authentic friendship in the world. Would I have been among the friends that this guy went home to? I wonder.

For some reason I thought of the demoniac while reading your point about how Christians "demonize" the other. There are probably plenty of suburban churches where the standard image of the people on the other side of the neighborhood gates is not much different from the image of the Gerasene.

If Jesus came around befriending such people, the church today would probably have much the same reaction as the bystanders in Mark 5: "Then they began to beg Jesus to leave their neighborhood."

eddie jones

Frineds are friends forever...

Don't we need structure at some point though? In my experience a group of friends with out structure or leadership of some kind will be more likely to go wrong then one that has some form of leadership. If we are disussing a group like a church it would be unlikely for people to grow in a "friends" setting with out some kind of structure to it. I don't think that can work. Thoughts?

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