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August 10, 2004



Yep, this makes me happy Micah's out of that mess. It was infinitely healthier doing youth min in a small town, small church.


Hey Greg, what is the name of the church? I went to Monster but I couldn't find it. I just thought it might be fun to apply there since I meet all of the qualifications. Unfortunately, my resume is probably exactly what they are looking for. I could even go through the whole process, you know "in view of a call" and stuff, then get to the very end and just tell them I'm not really interested after all.


>Not to mention the large selection of girls who have
>foregone the True Love Waits pledge.

Finally, someone else understands why teennage boys go to youth groups.


I hear Johnny Depp is taken. Billy Bob Thorton might be a good choice. Oh, maybe not...I hear he didn't get his B.S. from a college.

I agree Kristen, but the only thing about doing YM in a small town, the only thing in a small town to do outside churchy activities is get pregnant or get drunk.

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