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September 28, 2004


Kristen M

Yeah, brilliant Susan! Good blog! And excellent use of the word amanuensis, by the way.


Good game, hot hairdresser wife. I look forward to your bloggings in the future.

Tim Youmans

Hurray! Susan, so glad to have you posting. A welcome thing indeed!

Yeah, I am growing a bit election weary and am a little worried as this election draws near that i will start to care, say something to someone that I didn't mean to say (only because it isn;t going to change most people's minds) and then regret it, wondering if they think I'm a pinko bleeding heart and totally write me off. It's bound to happen anyway.

Plan to watch the debates with some kind of hard beverage though.


Excellent post! But a question: What does it really mean to be a "good American"?


what a headache that question can give one. one of my favourite ?s again! they're all coming up on this site lately... =)


dear parish,

don't mean to intrude..
just thought i'd stop by to say a word..
as a random christian..

christians tend to support republicans
because the party is much more aligned with
the moral values that christians uphold
than the democratic party

realistically, christians are at least in
the terms of the world, more "conservative"
relative to non-christians, and the republican
and democratic party are also so divided

the republican party does not have
all the answers but their views fall
substantially more in-line with christian

also, for the "killing of any kind" rebuttal
david killed goliath and
david was justified
in scripture, god led nations to war

i think christian life is complicated
because there is much more that goes on
than we can observe as humans

there is a greater good that we may
not be able to understand

but that's what faith is
to trust that god is true and
offers salvation through jesus

that he works for the greater good
and to trust that even our daily
tragedies have a greater purpose
of good


Eugene. Is this a poem? I like the effort.

Yes. the church as a whole has been more reserved in regard to human behavior. I can't disagree with that. The killing thing is problematic, though. Many expected Jesus to use violence to overthrow the Roman oppressors. One could say thatthe reason he didn'tdo that was because he came for another purpose (to die on the cross and redeem humanity) and that he will return to bring the other kind of violent justice that you speak of (David and Goliath)at judgment. So I grant that using Jesus peaceful example could be understood in light of the larger Biblical witness. But therein is the rub for me.

The Bible is problematic for me, for many. And so we bring a host of interpretations to it, anthropolgy, science, sociology, personal experience. I know people say we should "just read the Bible" but no one does that, not really, its just that some give more weight to outside voices than others. This is where you and I would obviously part ways. Thge Bible has aithority in my life (though I would probably use other language), but in avery different way than for you, I am am guessing.

I am a Democrat because I believe that my government ought to do everything it can to care for those in our society who have less capability or who have been so wounded by their context that they are handicapped in some fashion. I am glad to pay taxes knowing this is a big part of what it goes to support. I believe that using violence to fight opression should be our very last resort. DNC policies on abortion are troubling to me, I confess, but no more troubling than a Republican giving allowances to large corporations who would at first opportunity abuse workers to increase their profits.

Truth be told, neither party has a corner on religious values. Both are guilty of missing the point of Jesus and his teaching.

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