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September 28, 2004



Hooray for a cuss word!! It makes me a more frequent reader :) interesting blog greg, i like it!

Robyn aka April

Innocent blood on her hands? Don't even get me started.

It's too bad we can't pistol whip, but in lieu of ordering a good beating, you could always go back on the painkillers. Just remember this mental health technique...you can't change another person, but you sure can make yourself feel better. Between this and Toby Keith's #1 fan, it makes me want to bust out the Rx and wine cocktail and become comfortably numb. Thanks for using the f word. It is my favorite expletive.

Kristen M

Okay, I like that you always refer to Susan as your "hot, hairdresser wife" because it makes me happy when men say sweet things about their wives. But, to keep from being overly redundant, what about throwing in some other adjectives from time to time as well? Like, "my hot, intelligent wife" or "my stunningly beautiful, thoughtful wife"? As a writer, I think you can do better. Just a thought.
And...good post.



Are you okay? The word brilliant is in there too.


I will hand it (and don't ask me what "it" is here, perhaps it is just my contempt) to this woman for her attempted intelligence. I tend to hear "real" or "good" replace the word "Orthodox".

It's still car-azy.


...at least Susan is there to be a good romodel for her.

Kristen M

You bastard-ass! I know you can go back and change your posts on Typepad! You read my comment and went back and changed it, didn't you? I would congratulate you for taking my excellent advise, but I don't appreciate your trying to make me look silly! ;)

Kristen M

I just spelled advice wrong, dammit! How's that for making me look silly?



per your wife's client's list, being a Xian is all about what one believes (w/ the possible exceptions of being politically active and opposing abortion) - as a wicked liberal Xian myself, I cannot help but sigh in despair at Xianity being reduced to little more than an affirmation of this or that creed/dogma/superstition - call me crazy or heretical, but I have always thought that being a Xian was all about LIVING like Christ: loving my neighbor and my enemy, feeding the hungry, aiding the oppressed, visiting those who are sick and imprisoned, giving to the poor--you know, all that liberal/socialist Sermon on the Mount stuff that we all like to affirm but few of us like to practice

W may say he's a Xian, but dropping bombs on innocent civilians (yeah, it's a war, and civilians, including women and children, have died and are continuing to die) suggests otherwise - supporting such murder (murder? damn straight) is not in the least Xian

Jesus said something about knowing his disciples by their fruits - he said nothing about knowing them by their beliefs - damn, but Jesus was smart


I'm going to just go ahead and echo Travis' sentiments. Fruits.
I mentioned on Scott Jones' blog that you, Greg, onc epointed out that politicians aren't practicing Christians. (Practicing.) It's becoming more and more evident to me that this is the truth. Plus it's great fun to say to people who are outraged by such things.


What a freakin' refreshing post and set of comments. Just as a complete generalization: I have found that my friends who are fundamentalist, evangelical, AND engineers buy into your definition of "Generous Orthodoxy" hook-line-and-sinker. I'm not sure why this is, but I have had many arguments (particularly with one inflexible "generous orthodox") where my well-founded, root-in-Catholicism dogma sent them into space in anger and disbelief that I could be so mistaken about The Word.

The intolerance is truly amazing.

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