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September 29, 2004



But, Greg 99% of people answer that it's about Jesus' blood . . . I'm surprised you would have expected anything else.


Not only are you right, Greg, but DAMN, are you right.


You cannot, no matter how much you would like to, get away from the fact that the early creators of the church and Christian theology used this language, this idea. Christ dies once for all. This is the almb that was slain. Lamb, dude.

Not saying I always like it. It's creepy. But I can't throw it out and stillbe Christian. Looking forward to your post tommorow.



To say that he was slain is not the same thing as to say that he was slain to satisfy God's demands for justice. Surely you see the difference there. It wasn't every voice in the early Church saying these things. Remember, they believed more firmly in ransom theory, not penal substitution.

Dino Zaragoza


I too am looking forward to your post tomorrow, but what was Christ slain for? Was it only to demonstrate victory over principalities? Was it only to demonstrate the way in which we should live our lives in faith? Or are the death, cross, and blood oof Christ also related to sacrifice and atonement for sin?

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