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September 25, 2004


eddie jones


just say no to horse face!



My post is not an endorsement of Kerry. There is plenty to dislike there as well. I'm just pointing out that only the most foolish of people will continue to insist that Bush is an evangelical Christian.


I know... MY post was meant to be funny not a serious commentary on life and politics. I have no respect for either of them. I have just been seeing a lot of those W'04 stikers and think they are funny. Instead of deciding on who to vote for I am deciding on if I should vote at all.


I'm going to vote in all the races except the Pres. I want Carson over Coburn, so I'll go to the polls just for that one, but I fully intend to leave the Pres blank. As if it matters in OK.

Kristen M

Greg- seriously- you are NOT voting for Prez? You don't care whether Bush or Kerry???? Nubie may suck, but at least give nubie a chance!



Yes, I'm serious. Nubie will suck as much as GW. It's inevitable--back to my whore theory concerning politicians...


You guys know where I am on this. Kerry on his worst day is better than Bush on his best. And it isn't just that Bush is immoral, it is that he is deluded, or seems so. Either he really believes things are going better in Iraq, or he knows better and won't change. Either way, I can't imagine a President Kerry doing any worse.

But, as Greg notes, there is really little concern in OK. Not like Kerry has a chance here.


Anyone who thinks kerry is going to be better than Bush is just lying to themselves.

I am starting a campaign to "vote with silence" a non-vote is a vote against sucky choices. Let's make voter turn out as sucky as possible!


Eddie, that all depends on how bad you think Bush is. I don't think I am lying to myself at all. I think I am responding to the facts at hand. Bush thinks that God called him to be prez and to invade a foreign country. He has repeatedly lied and misled the country. Kerry might stench the bleeding. If you think there truly is no difference between the two, perhaps it is you who is deluded.


Dear Streak,

There is a difference. I didn't say there wasn't a difference between old horse face and "W". They are definitely different. What I said is that he will be no better. I think you obviously have issues with Bush and that's cool for you if makes you feel better to vote for Kerry. Go for it. Just know that it will do the Country no better. I think you are a funny man... the whole take a stand Bush is a bad thing cracks me up. You actually think Kerry will not lie to your face to get what he wants. Come on now, that's deluded!

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