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October 24, 2004


Resident Atheist

Yikes. Scary, but true.

Although my experiences with fundy family members certainly won't hold a candle to yours, dealing with my grandmother these past few months has been particularly trying. She's taken my "coming out" (I'm not gay, but atheism is almost as bad) very poorly, and is convinced that I'm on the road to hell and gets weepy every time she sees me. As she firmly believes that two of her sons (my uncles) are burning in everlasting torment as we speak, I have little hope of changing her mind about this, or even of having her understand my position.

I'm all in favor of reclassifying fundamentalist faith as a communicable mental illness. I've seen it destroy too many good people to pretend there are any circumstances that could justify its existence.

The day I realized that I couldn't imagine a more dismal dreary hell than the fundamentalist heaven was the day I knew my days as a fundy were over. Who knew that I would spend years looking for some way to be saved from the message of salvation? Life's funny that way.

Thanks, Greg.



I have been reading your posts for a while and agree with most of what you say. I am confused about one thing though. Do you dislike the church in principle or do you just dislike what the church has come to stand for in the inerrent-Bible belt? If you dislike the church in princple, how ought Christians to live together? If you dislike what consumerism and fundamentalism have done to the church, what (if any) model of church do you think would bring us out of this mess?

Thanks for your site, I really enjoy it.



(laughing as I type)

Thanks Tedd, I mean that, and welcome to the blog.

Just get ready 'cause to Greg the church is a dinosaur. It's a dead cow and we need to bury it.


Greg wrote: "Been talking to a kid who can’t escape the scary Jesus of his childhood. It was obvious to me that the terrible Jesus, the Jesus of the Revelation, owned John body and soul. John had run from scary Jesus his whole life, and never realized he ran right into His suffocating arms. I have felt those same arms, and having purchased my freedom at the cost of respect and professional reputation, I am adamant to stay free."

The scary Jesus of my childhood led me to Buddhism. Thanks for expressing it so well.


This post troubles me because it feels like I could have written it. The "secular sanctuaries where the long arms of Jesus cannot encircle us." I have idealized other places, Asheville, Austin, Dallas. A friend of mine purposefully, for this very reason, fled Shawnee for Norman and says she has found significant respite from it.

Though I feel funny saying this in a public forum, I applaud the bravery of those who have left (geographically and ideologically). I am gald I count many of you friends. Were it so that I had the courage. A different kind, perhaps.

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