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November 30, 2004



We were just talking about something like this in class the other day (and never you mind which class or what context...it's a long story). This is the same mentality you see in cults where the women give up their husbands (and their booties) to the cult leader who defines this sex as part of their service to God.

This will make me think 3 or 4 times before going back to church!


These women didn't really believe him- they just wanted some God-sanctioned, hell-free action themselves.


You know, I don't even know how stupid I believe they were. I think probably the word I would use is brainwashed. There's no way what they were going to is a church, that was a cult.


Wait a minute... it's NOT TRUE that the devil will harm me if I don't have sex with Luke?? That bastard's had me fooled for 4 years!

eddie jones

Can people really be that naive. I think they didn't want there friends to know that had sex with him because they wanted to. It is like those girls that make up the rape stories so the parents won't know they are slutty.


This is old style.
Numerous medieval tales had priests "removing demons" from the maidens they (the demons) were oppressing by "inserting their godly member."
That's good porn, folks. Sweet, sweet porn.


This isn't just behavior you find in cults...cult-like thinking can be found across the board in churches from fundamentalist to liberal mainline, especially when a charismatic personality is involved.

Yep! If he were bi- or gay, he'd have found men...Jim Jones did. And if she were a woman, she'd have no doubt found found a willing man or woman as the case may be.

Pastoral ethics are important, but also so is encouraging each baptized person to think for herself. As I said to my partner, who is a pastor in a mainline tradition, after an angry phone call from a parishioner, "Sometimes folks get angry with you because you maximize their baptismal responsibility."

This also reminds me, we men are pigs no matter our affectional orientation.

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