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November 27, 2004



This seems to be a logical (???) extension of the whole "America is a Christian nation" crap that I fight as I try to teach the Constitution.

When you read the stuff that the framers read (and how I prefer "framers" to "founding fathers"!) you don't hear that the government exists to forward theology, it exists to protect life, liberty and property! I am only getting to brush the deism of these guys in class, but I love what my ol' boy teacher friend from Miami says "Here, y'll, here's a world, figure it out, fuckers.".

I just tend to filter out translations of Bible prophecy that point to political ends, wonder what ideas you all have.


It seems to me that a very large portion of prophetic literature existed to combat the political agendas of the leaders of such nations as Israel. At one point you see political leaders saying there should be no alliances or mix-breeding and that God wants all of them to dead so as to avoid this corruption. Then the prophets step in and say that God will judge them for their bloodshed, violence and neglect of the idea that God is God of all nations.

Not only this but this whole idea of America in any way being specifically involved in bible prophecy would seem to turn the bible into more of a crystal ball to see the future rather than serve any sort of ethical purposes at the time of writing. It is so very arrogant to think that the biblical writers had anybody except their intended audience in mind when they wrote and/or spoke their prophecies.

A Progressive Christian

The weekly world news last week or so was trumpeting the new prophesies of Nostradamus, who I understand has been dead for a few centuries. It was right overtop of a picture of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy leaning out of a limo and picking up a sasquatch dressed as a hooker (no lie, I couldn't possibly think that up myself).

The capacity of humans to believe what they want to believe, and ignore any evidence to the contrary, is truly frightening.


It's kinda funny... I always thought prophecy was supposed to be about what will happen, not what might happen if a certain set of conditions aren't met. Of course, as mentioned, the idea that America exists in Biblical prophecy at all is fairly ludicrous.

I had to abandon my regular computer for a while. I suppose you'll be happy to know that I re-found this site by searching for "Joel Osteem" on Google.


dad fwded me this link...http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2088-1378227,00.html about bible belt stuff. the english are so clever. just reckoned it might be of interest.

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