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December 03, 2004



Once, while driving home, I passed a boy walking an unusually small dog. Werid part? He was wearing a full, rubber Eddy Munster mask. Luke said "What the Fuck?" and all I could manage was, "Where do you even GET an Eddy Munster mask?" I promise, come to Shawnee for Wormhole day, everyday.


Wormhole #4: it might not qualify as that, but oddly enough I have a hot hairdresser husband! Of course in these parts, he's a "stylist." (we own a children's hair salon--he does all the real work and I keep the books, do the website, etc.)

Scott Jones

Great stories Greg. See, I miss Oklahoma. In Dallas you just get Republican soccer moms driving their SUVs while talking on their cell phones and trying to control their 3 children.


Shawnee is the epicenter of wormhole activity in the world. About a week or so after we saw Eddie Munster, Sarah and I were driving down our street and we saw a woman (probably around 60) carrying a fully inflated, nude blow up doll into her house. I hoped that it was for a gag or some sort of party prop, but I cannot shake the disturbing image from my mind that she may be using it for...other activities. Eek!


Perhaps these 'wine connoisseurs' should be forced to head for their local theatre to watch _Sideways_? I'm sure they'd get a kick out of the merlot references ;)



Some friends have seen it and highly recommend it. I've heard the Merlot line already. I usually watch these things on DVD which means I'll be seeing it in six months.


Your Walgreen story reminds me of a time I was
in Target. I was going to get my film developed.
I started digging through my purse which has been called the "bottmless pit" by a friend who I swear has her credit cards in alphabetical order.
As I pulled the camera out the flash went off. I did not think anything of it until I got my film
back. The last picture was of the guy in front
of me. Not just an average picture but a picture
of his rather large behind. I never make fun of
people who have a weight problem (since I once
knew what it was like) however, this was funniest picture I ever saw. If not the best picture
I ever took.

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