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February 19, 2005



you guys should rent Visitor Q for film night one time, greg. the japanese film industry knows what's going on. (just another irrelevant comment) .......

Joe Kendrick

Phantom of the Opera isn't as bad as you think. Trust me, see it while they have at Harkins on the 70 foot 257 speaker theatre and I promise you will like. They have a scot playing the Phantom!


Man, if you don´t know what Stygian mean, you seriusly need a revision of your clasical mytologhy knowledges.

Other thing, shoot a movie in 18 days with no money, upgrade it from video club direct release until a movie people end seeing in any cinema around the world, and get a lot of people go to see the movie.

How tarantino has said:

Film is money, and money are big butts sitting in a cinema hall.

I have heard we will have another Fives movies about saw, so i hope you have stomach for it.

Oh, yeah, and my english is horrible, I know, but i´m sure you are enough smart to understand what I´m saying.



man, people visiting old posts choose to get angry about the strangest things.

then again, at least you're not being prayed over about osteen. that's refreshing, i guess.



thanks for the lesson. I guess that means Home Alone is one of the greatest films of all time.

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