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February 16, 2005



Funny how I read the title with the emphasis on big as if to say...

"I forgot my big goat head, but my purse size one will do."

Resident Atheist
Anyway, we talked a little in between the official interview questions, and I discovered that I had quite a lot in common with her regarding our experiences with and feelings toward Christian fundamentalists. What does that say about me?

Nothing more than that you're not a Christian fundamentalist. In alienating everyone but themselves, they provide, ironically, a kind of shared culture of commiseration that everyone else can partake of. I've had conversations with Buddhists where we've had nothing at all in common except some sad, amusing anecdotes about how strangely fundamentalists have behaved toward us. It's a good way to quickly build rapport.

I think every radically obnoxious group creates a similar dynamic.

Fat Calbert

I laughed out loud. Your thoughts were funny.

You are wise.


that is AWESOME that it is coming out the week before easter. maybe the gazette is growing balls!!

"Prof" Marty

What? I had thought you were excommunicated, disfellowshipped, & warlocked many seasons ago! AAaaiiigh!

In "raising" these issues from their dark places just before Easter, you remind me of one who (purportedly) tried to raise Belial and Beelzebub from the dead . . . which makes you a scary sort of noveua Gilles de Rais!

Eeeks! That's creepy!


I love witches!!! especially that one in the Carmen Video, the witches invitation. Was this one anything like that. Going through his fun book telling you all the people he healed and cursed with all his demon power. Love that video!!! Everyone should watch it at least once.


Jennifer, that is hilarous. "I forgot my Big Goat Head, but my small one is more portable."

I look forward to the article and think the timing is just great. Just think. Around the OKC Metro area, churches will be viewing the Passion on screen after screen, probably giving away motorcycles and monkeys, and here will be your thoughtful essay on pagans. I really like the sound of that.


If they give away a monkey, I am knitting myself an Easter bonnet and getting my ass back to church!

Easter monkeys!!!



I think you have been consorting with my favority witch!


That's "favorite," not "favority."

Sometimes my fingers seem to have a mind of their own.

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