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February 15, 2005



I also have a difficult time imagining what one might say whilst engaging in auto-erotic activities--other than something like, "Ahhhhhhgggggggg, mom, close the door!!! CLOSE THE DOOR!!!!"

Question: if you're truly suffering from multiple personality disorder, could one personality's hand masturbate the other personality's genitalia? If so, is this masturbation, or is it, on some level, coitus? If it's coitus and you're a good Southern Baptist, does it count as pre-marital sex (assuming that your personalities are not married)?


that is very funny. This Questions of your sounds like the same problem I have with "Clone sex". If you are having sex with you clone is wrong? Obviously in this case it is two "different" people. I am sure the baptists would frown on it.

Scott Jones

Fucking hilarious


um, hang on.....


oh... not literally. please ignore.


Greg, this is lovely...really, your page is beautiful. Just thought you'd like to know "righty" stopped by.

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