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March 13, 2005



Oh no! All those queers are gonna ruin God's plan to return and sacrifice 10,000 Jews so that Jesus can rapture the suburbs! I am outraged![/LaHaye]

Sometimes, this shit even depresses me, and Portal of Evil is my stinkin' home page.

Resident Atheist

Forward it over to me, if you would be so kind. I'll snark it over at my place.


Where do I sign up? Anything to delay the Redeemer coming to Zion. Umm, I've got plans and plans to make plans.


Dear God. These are the kinds of emails, I suspect, that got Peter the Hermit all wound up and ready to party like Crusaders.


Jerusalem Prayer Team

lee eddy

did you say "jerusalem prayer team"? or was that "jerusalem prayer team"? at first i thought Jerusalem Prayer Team meant that all the members of the Jerusalem Prayer Team lived in Jerusalem. whoa! that must be a happ'nin' apartment complex!

but no, i realize it's one of those Jerusalem Prayer Team s where they never actually get together as the Jerusalem Prayer Team, they function as the Jerusalem Prayer Team separately -- far, far from one another and from Jerusalem.

and maybe from the heart of God as well.


p.s. that oughtta help garner some hits.

lee eddy

i was gonna ask you to forward me the email, but i think i found it online.

it is indeed shocking.

here's a few of my "fave" lines...

"The most disturbing thing about this is that most of the Jewish people in Jerusalem are very religious. That is why they have gone to Jerusalem from all the nations of the world."

from what i understood, most of the jews in israel are NOT religious. maybe i'm wrong? i know they have an orthodox minority and an ultra-orthodox minority (and maybe a hyper-ultra-orthodox minority) with power out of proportion to their size, but i thought most of israel's citizens were secular.

"Abraham beheld such decadence, and pled with God to stay His hand of destruction on Sodom and Gomorrah if he (Abraham) could find as few as ten righteous men. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed."

so shouldn't we follow his lead and pray that God's judgment be stayed? the tenor of this email is much more "sons of thunder" than abraham's plea.

"Even more outrageous is that the Jewish people will think the majority of these people are Christians… because they will profess to be. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an attempt to disgrace everything that true Christians consider to be pure and holy."

really? all these partying sodomites will be wearing WWJD bracelets on their limp wrists and reading "Left Behind"? really?

if they reallt will think that they're all christians, i think that says more about the confused concept wherein american citizenship equals kingdom of God citizenship...


Kevin Powell

Doesn't Jerusalem already have a prayer team? Shouldn't you have to be from Jerusalem to be part the Jerusalem Prayer Team? Given the name, "Jerusalem Prayer Team", one would think that they were indigenous to Jerusalem, not a bunch of wacko right-wing types like Dr. Tim LaHaye, Mrs. Anne Graham Lotz, Dr. Pat Robertson, Dr. Adrian Rogers, Mr. Pat Boone, Dr. John Hagee, Mr. Bill McCartney, Ms. Kay Arthur, Rev. Tommy Tenney, Dr. A.R. Bernard, Dr. Stephen Olford, and Dr. Jay Sekulow.



Mmmkay, I thought you Googlebombed by linking to this entry on my blog with the phrase "Jerusalem Prayer Team" but it looks like I can also bomb by just commenting "Jerusalem Prayer Team"?

Holy Jerusalem Prayer Team! How simple is that??

I still might do the other, just in case it helps...



A Google bomb would be a link to this page with Jerusalem Prayer Team as the text. However, just putting Jerusalem Prayer Team in comments like this helps Google rankings as well. But if you're going to put it on your page, it has to be a link that refers to this entry, otherwise, the Jerusalem Prayer Team text helps your site.

Thank you all for being so helpful, by the way. I couldn't do this without the rest of you who spend too much time on this silliness which gives my life meaning.


so the Jerusalem Prayer Team wants the of mayor Jerusalem to tell the city council that the world's 2 billion Xians are outraged by this convocation of queers? - hmmm, I wonder who appointed the Jerusalem Prayer Team spokespersons for all 2 billion Xians

some of us Xians find it quite delightful to hear that the holy city will be filled with Holysexuals and Lesbangelicals

by the way, am I the only who thinks the "they will fill the Garden Tomb again and again" quote sounds suspiciously like a homoerotic double-entendre?


um, not anymore you aren't. that's funny.

man, between the mccartys, statcounter and now here, my inner beavis is in overdrive tonight.

damn. now even that sounds dirty.

Resident Atheist

I wonder what Joel Osteen thinks of the Jerusalem Prayer Team. Do you suppose Rick Warren likes the Jerusalem Prayer Team? I bet Al Mohler likes the Jerusalem Prayer Team.


Does the Jerusalem Prayer Team want people to pray for Jerusalem? - not really

Does the Jerusalem Prayer Team want Jerusalem to pray for a team? (perhaps Crystal Palace, to save them from being relegated -uk soccer wishful thought)

Does the Jerusalem Prayer Team want a team in Jerusalem to pray? -apparently not!

It seems that there are some people whose prayers are not wanted. So how will this help these people hear God? Or don't they matter to the Jerusalem Prayer Team?

apparently not,

all surprisingly self defeating for the supposedly evangelical Christian, Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Have I written Jerusalem Prayer team enough?

I'm new to this sort of thing! :-)


Ambrose and Adam,

I had to delete comments. Google grades pages down for keywords strung together. They have to occur "naturally" in text like this: Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Thanks for the effort.


The Jerusalem Prayer Team, that's hilarious. Not only is their eschatology all whacked up, they apparently believe in the God who is only sovereign as long as he is not faced with homosexual kryptonite. That's just what we need The Jerusalem Prayer Team as our representatives to the world. Could we look any dumber?


This project is just what my Spring Break needs! I do believe we are a sort of Booster club for the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

Actually, I bet we're more like the crosstown rivals.

Go Jerusalem Prayer Team!! Take State!!


Would you mind forwarding the whole email to me? My curiousity has been piqued.


As of 3:00 p.m. CST, this entry is number 16 on Google. We're on page 2, folks! Keep up the good work. We've already received some hits from Google for Jerusalem Prayer Team.


Climbing up page two.

Can we do this to the Presidential Prayer Team?


i confess that at least one of those google hits was from me. while much of google's algorithm has to do with who links to you using what text, i'm pretty sure they also take into account what links people actually click on once they get search results. it's actually as good a measure as any of how relevant your site appears in the search engine.

and even though it should be enough that i've already put the preponderant power of my vast readership at your disposal, i thought a targeted click-through here or there might help the cause. after all, the description excerpted in google actually contains the words "google bomb." subtle, that.


i love the Jerusalem Prayer Team. If I weren't so pregnant still (13 days overdue in case anyone was wondering) I would definatly take part in The Jerusalem Prayer Team. I really like what the Jerusalem Prayer Team has to say about whatever they talk about. The gays out there should be fearful of the Jerusalem Prayer Team because Prayer (esp by the Jerusalem Prayer Team) really works.


I read your post here about the Jerusalem Prayer Team, and I have a question. I looked up Jerusalem Prayer Team in Google, but I couldn't find your Jerusalem Prayer Team entry. How should I recognize it?

Resident Atheist

Hm, no comments for nearly two weeks. Greg, are you getting any e-mails about this?



Getting plenty of hits looking for it, but no one seems to be commenting. Interesting. You'd think I'd get at least one raging Jerusalem Prayer Team Warrior.

The Evangelical Slayer

John Hagee, you fat bastard.

Resident Atheist

Liz has a link to an article about the interfaith opposition effort to the festival. The good news is that it's not just Americans being stupid. The bad news is that it's not just Americans being stupid.

Bill and Carol,husband& wife in agony!!!



My wife and I are in dire need of prayer support in the days ahead....Spring,Summer...2005...long term for GOD'S HEALING PEACE!!




Thank you,
Bill and Carol,husband and wife in agony. oh.usa.

Madhu Babu

Pray for me.

Terez and JEff

Please pray for Terez and our upcoming... marriage.. Please pray for Terez. Career

Doris Cooper

I need a good job really bad. I have some enemies around me. These are snakes. Their plans are to make me stoop to their level. The one who started it feels rejected and is vicious. He plans to rape me and kill me if I have him put in jail. And if anything is done to him, they plan to destroy or kill my twins. I seriously need all the prayer I can get.


Lackelo Nyemba

1. Pray that God will provide college fees and a laptop computer for my son, Blackson.
2. Pray that God will provide me, Lackelo with a God fearing husband

Delfin Todcor

The sinister plan of the LGTB's is to desecrate anything Godly! May our Saviour Jesus open the eyes of our leaders in Israel and to all the Nations of the world for them to see and band this perverted immoral lifestyle the Devil is promoting by using them to appear on TV,Newsprint, broadcast in radio. Even influencing UN President Boon Ki Moon to accept with open arms? They argued that their human rights is being curtailed! What kind of human rights they promote? We call on All Bible believing Christians to speak out with boldness against such sickening form of immorality.It is written in Romans 1:16-32 how detestable this sinful lifestyle and yet they bragged and brazenly show off the animal lifestyle of their Father the devil! May God remove the veil of Satan upon their minds for them to see the glorious light of the Gospel before the end come as Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 But God in His mercy send Jesus to set the free as He said in Luke 4:18-19.We pray for Jerusalem to be protected from evil one as as well to all members in the body of Christ all over the world. No matter what the LGTB's will think and do. They will soon wail for mercy when Jesus will appear and Jesus will confirm that every knee will bow. Philippians 2;5-11.
We sing in Worship Psalm 133 for the protection of Israel and all the freedom loving Nations! Glory to God and have victorious New Year this 2013 and coming years!



Ah, the good old Jerusalem Prayer Team.

I'm currently heartbroken.

I used to receive Dr Mike Evans' most illuminating and informative newsletter via email.

At the bottom was a return address on which we were invited to send back comments and questions. I used this a lot and asked a lot of questions.

i) Why are you worried about the possibility Iran might get one nuke when Israel has 200?
ii) Where could Iran possibly use it always assuming they get it?
iii) with a 1:200 disparity in numbers, I'm surprised the Iranians are so crazy they haven't taken into account Israel would hit back with many more nukes. Can you enlighten me on this?
iv) If Israelis were so terrified during the Gaza business, why did so many terrified Israelis take to the hills overlooking Gaza for family picnics, and shout and cheer every time Gaza was hit by a shell or a missile? Weren't they making themselves prime targets for all those evil rockets?
v) Why does the JPG solicit donations to relieve poverty in Israel, a country that prides itself on being a first world western democracy, which is in receipt of billions of dollars from the US Gov't, and which should meet a moral obligation to look after its own poor and elderly? Are they saying they don't care and expect foreign charity to meet the gap? Do you think relying on foreign charity is a good advertisement for a country priding itself on being a rich Western democratic state?
vi) Israel used to have a European-style welfare state to look after its own poor and old and sick. What happened to it?
vii) And as one versed in Christianity with a religious upbringing, could I discuss your organisation's theological stance with you, which seems to go against many things held to be true by the majority of Christian churches and believers? (NB - this gets technical and boring).

No replies....

now I've been removed from Mike's mailing list and no longer receive it.

I emailed back asking if it was something I said. Still no reply.

I kind of miss Mike's brand of inspired over-emotional lunacy. He's almost as good as Herbert W. Armstrong's "Plain Truth" used to be, back in the day.... I had fun with them too....

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