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August 19, 2005



I scored as classical apologist the first time, which made me wretch. I took it again, and scored as atheist/fideist. So whatever.


The dude in the picture looks like President Andy Jackson

Kevin Powell

Here's mine!

Fideist 73%

Reformed/Presuppositional Apologist 33%

Atheist 20%

Evidentialist 17%

Classical Apologist 3%


Dr. Mike Kear

Fideist 67%
Classical Apologist 57%
Reformed/Presuppositional Apologist 40%
Evidentialist 37%
Atheist 30%


Atheist 43% was my highest. The quiz author seems pretty ignorant of the range of thought among atheists, so I tend to wonder how useful it is for the other categories.

Scott from Houston

My results:

Classical Apologist 53%
Evidentialist 47%
Reformed/Presuppositional Apologist 33%
Fideist 33%
Atheist 13%

No suprises here.


Classical Apologist 43%
Reformed/Presuppositional Apologist 40%
Evidentialist 40%
Fideist 33%
Atheist 3%

I've learned much from C.S. Lewis? Eh.. maybe.

I need to read some Barth or Kierkegaard, but at least my current fixation is on the writings of Jacques Ellul, who was a fan of Barth.

Ellen DeKazz

I found this while browsing your blog archives. The test results are absolutely accurate for me, as I really am an atheist.
You scored as Atheist. You are an atheist! You spend hours studying Friedrick Nietzche, Bertrand Russell, and J. L. Mackie. When Christians try to give you reasons to believe, you won't give them the time of day because they are delusional!



Classical Apologist


Reformed/Presuppositional Apologist





What kind of apologist are you?
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I don't really think that theists are delusional, but rather that our world views are so radically different that communication between us is seriously compromised.

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