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August 25, 2005


Alice Clay

wow! what a great article! palast has a couple of insightful articles on robertson. thanks for the link.


Palast is always must reading. He was just about the only reporter with the guts to investigate what really happened in the 2000 election. Read The Best Democracy Money Can Buy sometime. It's some scary stuff.


Interesting.. facts. Hard to find in the US media, thanks for sharing, Greg


Great read. Sounds alot like Chavez is committed to the Jubilee as seen in Leviticus 25...and outlined in Yoder's "Politics of Jesus". His policy sounds as close to Gospel as anything I have seen in a long time. And Robertson wants him killed. Should Pat just change his name to Caiaphas?


Yes- great article. But I have to admit I'm still a little confused. I'm still not sure why Pat Robertson would advocate the murder of Chavez when it seems to come down to...oil. Abortion? Yes. Gay marriage? Sure. Terrorism? But of course. But Chavez is a democratically elected leader of a country, and you can't really put a "moral" spin on this one. Am I reading this right? Is Robertson at the point where he supports murder or war when there is ANY opposition to ANY whim of our country? (Not the safety of it's people, or the decline of family values- just the inconvenience of the rising price of oil?) I could even understand if Bush had PROPOSED or hinted at war with this country. But...seriously, why does this issue concern a religious leader?

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