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August 20, 2005


Dr. Mike Kear

Have a great and productive trip. I for one would take the hookah. Just rename it the Sacramental Hookah of Agape Love or something like that. Following the example of Spurgeon, just explain the smoke rolling out of the van as incense ascending up before the throne of God.



Dallas Tim

I went of a mission trip to the former soviet union in '93. We had stopped by this little church and gave what ,to us, was maybe $100 to the priest. About five days later, he and two little old ladies came walking into our camp (about 20 miles from his church). They brought bread shaped like a swan and some good stiff vodka. How could our leaders refuse without offending them? All I know is that after the meal, some of our leaders were happier than I'd ever seen them and they were grinning from ear to ear. God bless that little Russian priest!

Scott in Houston

We're getting way out there but this is too priceless to go untold.

ON a missions trip to Mexico a few years ato, trying to turn around on a muddy road, we got a 56 passenger Prevost bus stuck up to the axils. Some one graciously came by and asked if we needed some help and offered to pull us out with his bus...for $20. During the ordeal, a nice little man brought us something to drink. It was a clear strong smelling liquid - yes, we sat around and drank half a fifth of Tequila in an unmarked bottle before someone actually figured out (me) what it was...needless to say everyone was very loose and compliant after that. Thank God it was adults on the trip.

Heather Bryant

Next time let me know when you are in KC. I would of hosted you all or at the very least fed you!!!

Hope it was good!


Brian Postlewait

Next time you guys come up to KC we'd love to worship with you at Tinity. We're right down the street from JW.


Brian and Heather,

Had we not been doing a quick turnaround, we would have contacted you. Thanks for the offers though. Heather, I'll be eating Ethiopian next time I'm up there. Maybe you know a good place?


Mmmmmm.... Rogue beer.

Heather Bryant

I will do my best to find you a place! Check out going to Philly in November. Tedd and I are thinking about a hostil.

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