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September 20, 2005



Hey Greg,
Thanks for posting that, I think I might follow up on it, and see how it could be incorporated into the life of my Parish.


I'm just surprised I haven't read anything bad about it on conservative Catholic blogs.



It's because they manage to stay in that middle place where they are vehemently pro-life and adamantly pro-poor. The conservatives leave them alone because of the pro-life issues and the liberals leave them alone because of the pro-poor issues. That's my guess, anyway.


Lately every time I turn around I run into things about Catholicism that make me rethink old prejudices.


Yeah, Greg, you are probably right. The words "social justice" are sometimes nails on the chalkboard for the super-conservative. But Catholic Charities as an organization is pretty middle-of-the-road and gernally supported except by fringes on both sides. Its kind of like when the Knights of Columbus leadership assured their membership after the recent Papal election that the new Pope would be supportive of them--like,I didn't know the K of C was sooooo controversial and cutting edge.

Barb O

Is ther a "Just Faith" group in Tampa area



You'd need to contact the diocese in your area to find out.

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