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September 12, 2005




As you know, the current "conventional wisdom" says that blending diverse cultures, worship expressions, etc. can't be done (probably because a serious vision and effort rarely is put forth).
I not only believe it can be but that kingdom unity is ignited from diversity. I will pray for you. Keep plugging.


What I always wonder about when a worship team strives for multiculturalism is how much we (read: WASPs) are truly able to let go of our traditions in order to fully incorporate others'. I've seen services that want to pay homage to a style more traditional to African-American worship, and all it consisted of was having an African-American preach and a choir sing. Otherwise it was still a white Protestant service.

It'll never be perfect, but it's something to watch out for.


After reading the first paragraph I get the impression that you might be already on the slippery slop towards mega-churchville;)

Scott in Houston

Well, I for one am glad you had such a positive turnout. It's encouraging and I think you'll be able to touch a lot of people, maybe not on mega-level, but hopefully on a community level. Good work.



greg and susan- we heard great things about the service through amanda and justin fortney. they loved it. we were jealous of them being there until we heard how many people were there! HOLY SHIT!! are you guys popular or what? maybe it was the praise and worship band...:) seriously, sorry to have missed it!

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