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December 28, 2005



I find K.D. Lang's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" particularly haunting.


Ooh. The New Pornographers (whose name, I believe appealing to you, is from a quote from Pat Robertson or one of the lesser tee-vee preacher types who said rock and roll is the new pornography). Try... From Blown Speakers, Loose Translation, or The Slow Decent Into Alcoholism (my biographical favorite).


when I indulge on singles on itunes, it is totally for the secret guilty pleasures of it. One would be for 80s hairbands, "Wait" by White Lion, "Runaway" by Bon Jovi, "Smooth Up In Ya," "Way Cool Junior," "Seventeen." Really good music. The other would be for real rump shakers, and for this I would recommend Jill Scott's "Golden." And as much as I want to hate it, Sinead's "Downpresser Man" does not suck.

Just Pete

I would second and third The New Pornographers and add "Letter from an Occupant".

More great choices:

"C'mon, feel the Illinoise!" by Sufjan Stevens

"Preachin' Blues" by Derek Trucks Band

"My Funny Valentine" by Jaqui Naylor (think: AC/DC)

"Dry Ice" by Paul Brill

"The Town Halo" by A.C. Newman (of New Porn...)

"Giver's Reply" by Ramona Cordova

And one album worth the download:

Elliott Smith - "XO"

Bob Smietana

the live version of "I am Leaving You" by Andi and I (it's on a compilation called SOFA) http://www.outboundmusic.com/andiandi/), Actually, anything by Andi and I is great, I guarantee it. Peter Mayer's World of Dreams is worth a listen. "lions of the coliseum" by Pierce Pettis.

Dr. Mike Kear

Lori McKenna's "Ruby's Shoes" - inspired by the story of Ruby Bridges. Download it free at http://www.rubybridges.com/home.htm

aaron c

Hey Greg,
Here are a few I've been loving, albums included:
Albums (Can't help it Greg. Keep albums alive!):
1.anything by Sufjan Stevens (Illinoise was NPR's listener album of the year and mine too)
2.Sun Kil Moon's Tiny Cities (Modest Mouse covers). Gorgeous music.
3.Feist's Let It Die
4.Grandaddy's Sumday
5.Andrew Bird's And the Mysterious Production of Eggs

1.Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine
2.Mike Doughty: The Gambler (anything and everything by Mr. Doughty is fresh)
3.David Gray: Lately
4.Derek Webb: Please, Before I Go (Not sure I like the new album yet but this one is quirky enough for me to like).
5.Death Cab for Cutie: Soul Meets Body



If you want some localized original music, there is a band out of Tulsa called Redecco. Their website is here: http://www.redeccomusic.com/ "Here We Are" is probably their best song, but you can listen to several songs before you buy on their website. I think they are great!


Without knowing at all the kind of music you like, here are some picks from the top of my head (ones they have at iTunes, anyway)

Stars -- "Look Up"
Broken Social Scene -- "Looks Just Like The Sun"
Metric -- "Police and the Private"
The Arcade Fire -- "Rebellion (Lies)"
The New Pornographers -- "The Bleeding Heart Show"
K'naan -- "In the Beginning"
Sarah Harmer -- "Oleander"

Josh K.

Derek Webb - My Enemies Are Men Like Me, A New Law, King and a Kingdom, Rich Young Ruler


Someone went to see 'Narnia' recently...
Alanis Morissette - Wunderkind
Imogen Heap - Can't Take it In

Shine Your (light love hope) - Bob Mould
Superheroes - Daft Punk
49 Percent (Ewan Pearson Glass Half Full Remix) - Rokysopp
Nice Weather for Ducks - Lemon Jelly

Tim Sean

Darden Smith. The song I reccomend is "Field of Crows." www.dardensmith.com He is a lilting poetic writer, a melodic verison of Tom Waits. This song was my background for much of walking around D.C.

Trav the Okie Vegan

"Over the Hills and Far Away" - Lez Zeppelin
"Cannonball" - Damien Rice
"High" - The Cure
"Beyond the Great Beyond" - The Heavenly States
"EZ" - Pete Yorn
"Electrolite" - R.E.M.
"Whir" - Smashing Pumpkins
"Miss Sarajevo" - U2
"I Met a Girl" - Wheat


1. The Denial Twist- The White Stripes (I've not listened to them overmuch before, but I'm loving like crazy the Get Behind Me Satan album. Weird, catchy stuff.)
2. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left- Andrew Bird (since Aaron rec. the whole album, and rightfully so, I thought I'd give you my favorite song off the album.But MX Missiles is great too. Or Measuring Cups. Or...forget it.)
3. Ballad in Plain Red- Derek Webb (It's a very different sound for Mr. Webb than his usual, and I love the lyrics. I think you would, too.)
4. Everyone's A VIP To Someone- Emiliana Torrini
5. Redemption's Son - Joseph Arthur (or Dear Lord. That one is great too.)

M. Corley Mohon

Anything by Elliott Smith, especially from his first four albums, but that's not why I am writing. I wanted to introduce my self. My name's Mike, and my dad told me about your blog. Apparently you frequent the Starbucks that he works at. Anyway, I have long felt uncomfortable with the Christian community in general, and even Christians specifically, although I am one. Yes, this makes for some uncomfortable emotional states, but what can you do? Anyway, I've been reading your blog for the last 3 days, and I've quite enjoyed it, so thanks. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to ask if you still have the Theology on tap meetings, and if so, could you post some info? And if not, is there some kind of alternative (although beer and theology sounds hard to beat)?

M.Corley Mohon

Wow, I said anyway a lot in my previous comment. No, I'm not 13. Damned redundancies redundancies.



If you want to listen to a little soul I'd check out Leela James and Anthony Hamilton. Their recent albums are a mixture of soul, gospel, and blues. Good stuff.



So, Greggy, are you gonna report back your final decisions or are you going to make us wonder?


I guess I recommend the live version of King Without a Crown by Matisyahu.

I'd second the Led Zeppelin recommendation but sadly the Itunes store has none of that.

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