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January 24, 2006



Does it matter? At least it will be all on one channel instead of two.


My friend emailed me a Chicago Tribune article about the merger that contained this nugget:

Leslie Moonves, chief executive of CBS Corp., said the new network will air 30 hours of programming seven days a week aimed in part at young audiences.

Cramming six extra hours of crap into each day is an ambitious move indeed!

It seems the math of this merger is baffling even to the people making the deal.

Scott Jones

There was a period in the late 90's when Marty and I both agreed that if we had to pick only one network of shows to watch, it would have been the WB. This is back in the day when Buffy was still on the WB and Angel and just started and Dawson's Creek was in its excellent second season and Felicity was good and there were a few other things we watched. All of that fell apart in a couple of years, but for a season or two, they had great stuff.


I think since CBS owns UPN they need another outlet to show more CSI shows: CSI: Washington D.C., CSI: Phoenix, CSI: Oklahoma City, CSI: Cheyenne Wyoming....


Actually I'm waiting for "CSI: Little Rock." 'Cause we all know that in Arkansas there are no dental records and everyone has the same DNA.

Did I just write that?

Greg, just found your blog. Good stuff - glad to know you're blogging.


Scott in Houston

Maybe two wrongs make a right...

Everyone knows Arkansans keeps good records, just ask Hillary.

Scott in Houston, formerly of Arkansas


As long as they keep airing Gilmore Girls they don't need anything else.


well...and I do quote:

Monday, January 30, 9 PM ET/PT

"Hot Girl On Girl Action"

Trying everything in her power to put off having sex with her partner Jennifer, Lynn realizes she must make a decision one way or the other, but Jennifer surprises Lynn with something completely unexpected.

Maybe we'll get MORE hott girl on girl action and touch the lives of countless fundy preachers so they have more video clips to show of how corrupt we have made 'society' at their video-church conventions

Kyle P.

The WB gets another eight years' free pass from my criticism of all the trash on now for blessing the world with ten seasons of some of the most intelligent television ever produced, Buffy and Angel (8 years b/c Angel has been off the air for two years now). Does anyone think that these shows would've had any chance of being produced on CBS? Of lasting more than ten episodes on FOX (remember Firefly's sad fate...)? Hell no!!! And I give UPN at least a bit of credit for picking up Buffy for a couple years (including my favorite Buffy season,the not-as-popular but beautifully dark season 6), even though I've never seen anything else of worth to watch there. Heck, the Buffy musical alone might earn UPN exemption from criticism.

And zalm: That's 30 hours of programming *weekly*, not daily (most daytime and non-big-name-talk-show-host late night tv on any broadcast network is crap brought to you by the local affiliate, not the network). It says "seven days a week" because they will have programming every day instead of the current five or six. If you're going to make fun of someone here, blame the bad journalist who worded the sentence, not the network(s) and their math skills (whatever other blame they might deserve (...in eight years or so)).



While I agree with your sentiments about Buffy (though I always thought Angel was awful), I can't let the WB pass just because of Buffy. And I think Gilmore Girls is smart and funny. However, there is the matter of the Steve Harvey Show, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Nikki, 7th Heaven, Dawson's Creek, Roswell, Popular, The Oblongs, Jack and Jill, Popstars, Young Americans, For Your Love, Baby Blues, etc., ad nauseam. Sorry, Buffy does not make up for all those losers, and I could have made the list four times as long. And that's just the WB. I didn't even get into UPN's schedule over the years.


Angel was okay until Joss overextended himself by trying to produce Firefly, Buffy and Angel all at once; everything but Firefly suffered there. I do have my quibbles with early Angel, but to be honest it's only a slight extension of issues I had with Buffy from the very beginning.


Given the fact that 7th Heaven will no longer be on TV, I think that the odds of *not* seeing crap on TV have gotten better.

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