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February 07, 2006


Trav the Okie Vegan

I'll bet Britney's crucifixin' some meat--damn her to hell!

Those NBC bastards get their kicks ridiculing the real oppressed minority in this country: vegans.

Damn you NBC!!!! You haters of Christ and peace-loving vegetarians!!!!


I don't exactly understand what is wrong with the Book of Daniel. I find the show kind of funny. I guess that's because I work in a church full of knuckleheads (I still love them...sometimes:)).


I was kind of disappointed that the Cruci-fixin was going to be a food segmetn on Jack's show, and not Gay-reversal therapy. Now that would have been excellent use of Britney's, uh, talents.

Kon TIki

Hey, I sent that to you because this is a serious issue. I can no longer stand around and watch "those" people mocking us any longer. Those people are currently fulfilling the prophecies as we speak. Don't you see? They are making great things like Mardel and TBN look like a farce. Why can't REAL people like Christians actually take over God's media? Isn't that what the Bible says? The wicked's scripts will be stored up for the righteous?

I was rather looking forward to someone actually doing a Christian cooking show, but I guess the idea has been tainted because of THOSE peoples quick wit.

Following I have listed some recipes I was rather looking forward to:

1. Nana's Mannah

2. Sinfully delicious but now redeemed fudge-packed donut holes

3. Lepre-tea

4. Jonah's fish sticks

5. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's holy smores

*the following number has been skipped, since it's an evil digit

7. God's complete energy bars (for when you have an eternity of work and only seven days to do it)

8. Noah's delicious canning recipes

9. Quail to die for

10. of course...Jars of Clay new wine*

*must be consumed within 40 days or becomes unclean

Anyone with any of these recipes please e-mail them to me!


"Cruci-fixin's", eh? Sounds like Will & Grace are easing back into the laugh-track (though I doubt anything on this episode will get me laughing harder than the time they put Ellen Degeneres in a nun's habit, working for an outfit called "What A Friend We Have In Cheesecake").


It is amazing to me that some people are willing to go to such trouble, instead of just turning off the television if it is such a bearer of offensiveness. I guess I am just lazy.


p.s. it's only REALLY bad if K-Fed appears WITH Britney, otherwise it's ok

Tom Hinkle

...and if the networks and TV stations decide to go ahead and mock Christianity and Our Saviour by running this episode, every Bible-believing Christian should take to the streets (as if they don't have jobs), carry signs that say "Down with NBC" and throw rocks and bricks or even set fire to NBC affiliates. But wait a few months first, and make sure innocent people get hurt or killed in the process.

OOOOOPS!!!!!! Wrong religion! Excuse me!


Will and Grace would never allow the newly fat britney to appear as anything!


but don't you still just love brit-brit. even though she did marry the white-trashest man in the world. i can't help it. i still like her. she should have her own show. oh wait, she already did.


I agree the show's aim is to ridicule the Christian culture's tendency to "kitsch-ify" everything. With that goal, I think Britney Spears as the host is an absolute brilliant choice. In a cruel twist of irony, she has come to symbolize white trash America. You just know the host of a Christian cooking show would be the type to drive their kids around on their lap sans car seat as well.

Scott Jones

Actually, NBC denied almost all the details in that report and kept assuring folk that the episode was nothing like described.



NBC is saying that, but it all smells a little suspicious. Blaming it on a press release that "wasn't properly vetted" is a little unbelievable. How many times do you remember NBC or any major network sending out a press release and then saying, "Oops, we forgot to check that one"? And then are we really supposed to believe the synopsis for the entire show was wrong. Maybe you misspell Britney Spears (Brittany), but you certainly don't get the whole show wrong. I'm afraid the forces of evil known as the American Family Association have won again.

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