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April 25, 2006



Listen, Babylon is the USA, as cave men had few words to describe prophecy. Any place in a vision with buildings and populas is called, tribe or village, and translates to CITY.Baby refers to a 250 year old, or baby country or "village" or "city" the baby Leader Of Nations (lon) B A B Y L O N, Is the USA. The foul bird with evil and hated spirits inside, talked of in Revelations, is the plane that hit the twin towers Babylon has Fallen Fallen! get it. The unclean birds seen in the vision attacking the Glass city with streets of Golden Sunshine at the Pearl Gate is World War Two, Pearl Harbor. A BEAST is a devistating event of natural or man-made origin, cave men didn't have words for World War or Natural Disater, they called things of this nature beasts. AND when you all end up at War with the LAMB it is refered to as a DEVESTATING EVENT of CATACLYSMIC proportion, because he's GOD's Son and has power over nature, like the weather of his Mother, Mother Earth of which he was formed at the same moment, Earth, or Gea. He's already practiced lightining by now and brings his own storm clouds and precipataion when needed, and high winds and sandstorms are on the forefront. He's a spoiled brat, GOD's Son, and has a wrath of his own, as well as a bone to pick with everyone who ran back to finish his cup of wine and steal his goblet, as well as all the Roman Pigs with buckets of nails and hammers and creasote soaked timbers. Some friends, they left him in an embarissing place up on the Crucifix, instead of helping him down and bringing him to a cool place to die in dignity. Thanks to his DAD, God his eye's were not pecked out by Ravens as others who were Crucified' eye's were. God held his Hand over Lord's eye's to protect his vision that he will one day walk again. Proverb 3 explains what his DAD has named him in this day of Resurrection, like a boat or Corvette a name of beauty, like that of a woman the name of a she, this lable of kindness, and riches of life (not Gold), is LORD, what he looks through at you. His name.


Damnit, Horse. If you knew were going to divulge the entire plot of DaVinci Code II: Apocalyptic Boogaloo, you should have given a spoiler alert!


I don't get it... the writer of Rev knew English?


Ummmm.....Horse? You can buy these little plastic boxes at Walgreens to help keep better track of your medications.....I think ya missed a dose, pardner.


Back when I was a regular at Secweb, there was (and there may still be) a fellow who posted things like that. He seemed basically normal and was practicing writing in a "mystical" style. (I use scare quotes because although a lot of mystical writings do have content insofar as they require the reader to actively create their meaning, and thus practice a kind of mysticism in interpretation, his "mysticism" was more along the lines of "Sensible only to him".)

We made fun of him a lot, but one thing he said stuck with me--in response to a debate over whether it was ethical to fantasize about militant fundies (the kind who show the love of Jesus by posting death threats to forum moderators) finding themselves in hell, he said, "Be kind to them, they're already there."

Horse doesn't seem quite so eloquent as he was, though.


So....did McLaren take more of a Barthian stance (two realms), or did he try to make a synthesis of it?

And Leighton--did you delete your blog? Because when I click on your name, I get the world of warcraft page. Didn't you have a blog before? You are so eloquent; I always enjoy reading your comments. I wish I could read more of your thoughts on...whatever. :)

aaron c


Comments like Horse's are the icing on your wonderfully tasty blog-cake.



Again I've not been clear. I wouldn't describe Barth's position as two realms. I'll clarify when I return from Minneapolis. What a beautiful city, by the way.


Yoou can't pay for marketing like Horse provides.


I can't think of two words I've heard all week that have made me happier than "Apocalyptic Boogaloo."

I hope you're enjoying the conference. I look forward to hearing more about your presentation when you get back.


Hi Ninja,

Thanks for your kind words. I haven't deleted my blog, just moved it for a while until I answer some pressing questions about the scope of my inquiry (I still believe most everything I wrote, but I'm trying to figure out how broadly it applies) and whether there are other or more important things I could be talking about. I've e-mailed you with more details.


If Horse wasn't being serious, that would be *such* a good spoof!


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