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May 11, 2006



I missed the RTD segment, but did catch the update on Brad Edwards, the consumer reporter who's been in a coma the last few days. He's been an institution on OKC TV for as long as I can remember, and my prayers go out for him and his entire family.


PLJCBSIDHTLIOOMD? Wow. What color ribbon do we wear for that?


We could all wear rubber bracelets that say "retch"...


Emerging from lurkdom to say this is why I can't watch the news on the local affiliates. . .


Emerging from lurkdom myself to ask if Greg's problem is with the content of the "news story" itself, or the fact that in Oklahoma, the local news does a feature on something "religion"-related, etc.

Dr. Mike Kear

Greg, I watched the KFOR story. It was a lot like watching the 700 Club or CBN News. During the "story" I turned to my wife and said, "Only in Oklahoma is this news."


Okay...I need a little clarification on this whole RTD thing. Was that portrayed as a good thing? It sounds positively wretched, but it sounds like they were saying that 'affluenza' is the most wonderful thing ever and is in no way antithetical to Jesus' concern for the poor.


I flipped past the local Fox affiliate the other day to catch a "news" piece on some local Christian singer. She talked about using her good looks and voice to communicate modesty to young girls, to show them how to be one of "god's girls." Then the voice over said (or close) "She just continues to grow in her relationship with God. . . "

Evidently that is something that our "journalists" can ascertain.


I don't mind religion-related news so long as it's news and not advertising or PR. Both these pieces were advertising bits for the churches involved.

The RTD's were portrayed as negative.


My favorite is the "Is this a Great State or What" segments. Ole' Clyde Higgins down in Poteau, Oklahoma paints mailboxes like they're mallard ducks. Let's do a ten minute spot about it. What great, thought provoking, effective journalism.


I saw the commercial for that RTD story, but forgot to watch. It did get me thinking that if people could have religious diseases what would they be.... Two I liked.
1. Religious bulimea (sp)- Starve all week. Then gorge on Sunday. You could add the throw up one too.
2. Split religiousallity - Be like a christian buddist, or Mormon Muslim. Could also be someone just picking from different versions of same faith.
Oh one last one.
3. Amnesia - Be a Calvinist that was "saved" when the were little. Then recommeted to that salvation later. Just forgot about God in between, but they were "good to go" all along. Right.
If you are Calvinist, feel free to rip on prefered theology. If you know it.


"2. Split religiousallity - Be like a christian buddist, or Mormon Muslim. Could also be someone just picking from different versions of same faith.
Oh one last one."

I like this one.


One of my favorite undergrad professors is a Christian Buddhist, but he's CofC (all praxis and very little doctrine) so it sort of works. It would be pretty strained in a more creedal flavor of Christianity.

Dallas Tim


All you have to do is drive south until you get to the Red River. They built a bridge there several years ago on which you can now cross the great chasm and enter into the promise land. It's a land flowing with gravy and cold beer. There are no tears, no hunger, no pain. The Lion plays with the lamb. We have turned our swords into plowshares. Amen.

Dallas (,Texas) Tim

Tim Sean