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July 31, 2006



Uh, Dude, are you even saved?

Hey, I hope you send that in to CT.

Kevin Powell


A hearty AMEN from this corner. Colson used to be a thoughtful conservative thinker. While I rarely agreed with much of what he said, it seemed that there was a rigorous mind at work.

Also, CT used to be a moderate, evangelical magazine. I even published an article in its sister pub "Leadership Journal."

Then Bush was "elected" in 2000. And both took a hard right turn.

I mused about this phenomenon in my blog, so I'm glad I'm not the only one whose picked up on the blatant Republicanisn of CT.



Some people reach their peaks young or in middle age and consequently age badly. So far Colson is doing much better than Martin Luther, but he's got what, another 20 or 30 years maybe? It may get worse. It might get better too, but it's harder to change for the better when you have as much power as Colson does.

Ted Olsen

Interesting comment. Honestly, the guys who take out our trash are really, really cool. I'm not sure you'd like their politics much more than Colson's, though. Anyway, just thought I'd say that if you're disparaging the guys who take out our trash, I'm going to have to disagree.


No. I take out the trash at my house. I have no problem with them. My point is that Colson is better suited to doing something else around the office if they're gonna keep him on the payroll.


That should read if you're going to keep him on the payroll, Ted.


Greg, be ye encouraged. It could be worse; at least he’s not calling for the assassination of any number of world leaders.

On a serious note, you should write a letter to the editor. Send it directly to Ted. While I doubt you'll ever win Chuck over to your point of view there are others of us who still subscribe that was appreciate seeing a well articulated critique in the next month's issue. As a 15 year subscriber I think your voice matters.


I haven't been to prison. What I have learned about prison ministry and faith-based restorative justice is very encouraging, though. Around here, most of the impetus for that comes from the Mennonites, and the programs they've been starting have been cutting-edge and successful.


CT was not ever in the middle. I remember enjoying Leadership during seminary until my wife asked why the only articles by or for women concerned church secretaries or pastor's wives. I stopped my subscription that day.


I just got done reading through the recent issue. Maybe you're right we should all cancel our subscription. The Goshee' editorial on Patriotism and McQuilkin's article "Lost Missions: Whatever happened to the idea of rescuing people from hell?" were maddening. In addition to their myopia, it’s logically strange.

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