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August 13, 2006



By the looks of his personal website, JMB seems to be a Green party candidate for the Oklahoma state House (district 99), though judging by the blog archives he's been writing about political and social issues for a good long while before he declared candidacy.

Dwayne "the canoe guy"

JMB is fairly well known amongst the POB (political okie bloggers)

LanCE sChMitZ

he's a good friend of mine
james branum. fellow pedicab driver, mennonite, went to OCU law school, doing all the lawyer bar stuff right now.


I have to agree that he did a good job anyalizing the mysecret website. My only question is...why so adament about clarifying that he wasn't dogging on Lifechurch?

I didn't think that he was but is he afraid voters would think that?


you can go there and ask him.

J. M. Branum

Lance told me that y'all were talking about blog (btw, thanks for linking to it), so I thought I would say howdy.

Also though I wanted to respond to what Joe said.. "My only question is...why so adament about clarifying that he wasn't dogging on Lifechurch?"

The reason I want to make this clear is, that I know there are folks from LifeChurch who are reading the blog. While I think their church is pretty jacked up in many ways, I also know that those folks have likely been touched in positive ways too by the church. Like everything, Lifechurch isn't black or white, and I guess that's what I'm trying to make clear.

Also in the past, when I've talked about Lifechurch I've received emails from church members who get really upset about my remarks. Part of me thinks they need to grow a thicker skin and understand that criticism does not have to be seen as a hurtful thing (but rather as a challenge to change and grow), but I also do feel bad for them to some extent too.

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