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November 06, 2006



no anger here..I'm walking free...oh wretched man has seen the light and repented!

My point is he was THIRTY....we've got boys losing it at 8 now in our super sexualized society...and Rob Bell will bring a book out in spring (probably on the equinox I'm sure) about Sex God....throw in porn sundays from triple x church and it's just a sad sad messed up sexual mess.
Pastors with porn addictions...the closeted Ted Haggard's in the pulpit,...the man had 5 kids with his wife...she must have been SOMEWHAT attractive to him ! SO she was not the problem...he was....or his past was....
Anyway I'm just really sick and tired of the in your face sexuality that bombards us. It has crept into the church where sex will be "mingled" with divinity....I say it's blasphemy


Nothing blasphemous about sex, T.J. Read your OT. You seem to be a Bible type. David, Solomon, Jacob: they did all right in the multiple wives, multiple orgasms categories. You might notice that passage in the deutero-Pauline, pastoral text too that says something about the deacon being the husband of one wife. That's because some of those naughty guys had more than one wife.

Rob Bell is pretty orthodox, T.J. I know you think he's some sort of antichrist, but really, you should actually read something he wrote or listen to one of his sermons. I suspect you've done neither; you've probably just heard what Ingrid said about him.

Besides, if I take your theology seriously, all one needs to do is say some sort of chant/prayer about being a sinner and needing the "blood of Jesus." Once that is done, said sinner is "in" so to speak. That means I can be a profligate as long as I've said some form of the sinner's prayer.

Dallas Tim

I don't think saying that you can just do whatever you want as long as you pray some "sinner's prayer" would be how I would descibe it. Those who have truly experienced conversion will be thankful and have an attitude of reverance and thanks towards God. That would include obedience.

I doubt you are faithful to Susan just because you "have to be." You love her, want to be faithful to her and realize that she deserves that from you because of your love for her.

I (We) know there are plenty of people who distort the Gospel by saying that since they "Prayed a prayer" then they can do whatever they want. True conversion means you DON'T want.

By the way, I like the way you always refer to your wife as "Hot." I know you say it in a playful way, but it's really a nice example to see someone doing something as blatantly Christian as just taking an opportunity to compliment their spouse.

Sometimes it's the little things that demonstrate where our true commitment lies.



The language of "true conversion" is how evangelicals have rescued themselves from the trap they created by embracing decisionism.

Dallas Tim


If anyone embraces "decisionism," then THEY have departed from the Biblical language of conversion. I agree that it's a huge problem.

That doesn't do away with Biblical conversion, it only proves that when people decide to start drifting away from what the Bible actually teaches, it only leads to more problems.

If anyone embraces "decisionism," then THEY have departed from the Biblical language of conversion. I agree that it's a huge problem.

Well, that's your opinion/interpretation. (It assumes substitutionary atonement, btw.) But (1) numerous books have been written on the topic. (See any # of books by John MacArthur, for example.) And (2), as Greg recently touched on regarding a poster at Ingrid's blog, in practice, all fundagelicals subscribe to the primacy of assent to the proposition of substitutionary atonement as evidence of salvation, because even Hindus can do nice things for people.

Dallas Tim


I'm not sure how you're disagreeing with me.

MacArthur has written quite a bit on the ficticious idea of "easy believism." Say a prayer, sign a card, whatever the formula is and you're in. Regardless of how you act after that. That's not what I read in the Bible.

That also doesn't negate SA. It only means that SA is how God saves us. Our response and action after that is our demonstration of what we realize that He has done for us and our response to that action.

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